State of Emergency

I have always been curious about other cultures and have been fortunate to work with numerous artists of the African Diaspora. Deborah Baddoo has been absolutely fundamental to the development and profile of that dance sector, particularly as Artistic Director of the dance agency she founded, State of Emergency.

In 2011 I worked with S of E and South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma to create Desert Crossings, inspired by the similarities between England’s dramatic South West Jurassic coastline and the Skelton Coast of Namibia. The work is about journeying and the merging of cultures and sharing of histories.

Photos: Irven Lewis

Dessert Crossings was performed at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa in July 2011. Thanks to Wimbledon College of Art Research funding I was able to travel to the festival. I attended many amazing performances, enriching my understanding of dance and costume of Africa.