Wimbledon College of Art

I first worked in the costume department at WCA as a visiting tutor in 2003. Mentored by Hilary Baxter, I became a Senior Lecturer and between 2010-17 I was Course Leader of the BA Hons Theatre & Screen: Costume Design programme.

For much of this experience I was in my element; challenged to learn about the workings of HE and a University, stretched by opportunities for curriculum development and Research and above all, learning so much with and from the students.

Restructuring took its toll and I took redundancy in 2017. It was a good time to leave.

Below are a small collection of images from student graduation exhibitions and costume parades, which, over the years, had taken place at The National Gallery, Hampton Court, The Queen’s Gallery, Windsor Castle and Strawberry Hill House. I am proud of the work they all achieved, both visually and conceptually and grateful to all the wonderful artists and practitioners who came to run projects with them. You will see many of their names in the staff exhibition further down the page.

Apologies for not naming everyones work – I will add as my memory serves me – I have known a lot of students and am rubbish with names ( as they would tell you!)

In 2011 I was charged by Hilary Baxter, Programme Leader for Theatre and Screen, with organising an exhibition of work by staff who contributed across the courses, both faculty and Associate Lectures. The list of those who generously contributed is quite something!