Sheroes in Quarantine May 2020

My submission, a poem and photograph, is not one of the fourteen selected works (14 days of COVID-19 quarantine), but the wonderful women at Lon-art will be extending the online exhibition to include regular Sheroes artists who also submitted. So, coming soon – thank you Lon-art! Meanwhile, check out the exhibition here

Menopause hasn’t gone away

On regaining consciousness from art another sleepless night, I am hit with a wave of heat burning, tingling, stinging, hot flush or maybe fever.

Wrapped back in my duvet, the heat has passed, cold chills set in. With no work place to go to, I drop back into messy, groggy slumber.

Menopause hasn’t gone away. Palpitations pounding, anxiety through the roof, the desire to cry always present, focus, motivation depleted.

No isolation in my crowded house, no space to shed those tears, no constant weeping, only daily greetings – ‘I’m ok’, I am not. But I am alive.

Abigail Hammond March 2020 in lockdown