Royal Female School of Art – Not in the Papers April 2019

Can you see me? #2

Curated by MA Culture, Criticism and Curation students at Central St Martins, this exhibition was conceived as a response to the archive of the Royal Female School of Art and the lack of female voices found in the archive papers. The outcome focuses on the present, by platforming six contemporary female-identifying artists, honouring the women who came before them and the legacy of the RFSA.

‘Abigail’s work beautifully explores an event which is inevitable for almost all women, and yet which is still regarded as taboo and unmentionable in every day society. The work evokes the feelings of invisibility experienced by women during and after the menopause, as their societally perceived purpose; to procreate and nurture, becomes obsolete. The work also posits the possibility of a new identity for the post-menopausal woman free from the societal structures that bound her in youth. The inclusion of the soundscape piece fully immersed the viewer in the artist’s personal experience, and provided an honest insight in to the feelings which the menopause can incur.’

Curators: Kana Higashino, Tashy Hughes, , Kat, Rosa Vertov

Can you see me? soundscape