MA Summer Show July 2019

So, the end of my MA Designer Maker course, going out on a high with two new works.

It comes in waves

An immersive installation piece combining ‘slivers’ of a body cast in Jesmonite with projection and soundscape. Exploring ideas of wet and dry / life and death, through the menopausal experience of night sweats and hot flushes, it is honest in its intensity. Thank you to music artist Latenites for another great soundscape. Below are a few stills and an edited version here on vimeo. Dimension on floor is approx. 2600mm square, running time 7.20mins.

The second work is Roadkill, a body cast in Jesmonite which is accompanied by a punk song, Fuck the Menopause, created by the band Vaginal Atrophy, vocals are by Hot Flush and Emma Cunt, instruments played by Sphincter Prolapse, arranged and produced by Latenites.

It was great to watch visitors to the exhibition intrigued and yet slightly repulsed by the body and then breaking in to laughter once under the headphones, sharing in this defiant and cathartic expression.