Research Sharing January 2019

From January to July 2019 I will be working on a distinct project at Camberwell College of Arts in the form of an artists residency. These photographs document the research collated at this initial stage of thinking, that is both for reference/ inspiration and in the form of sketches (3D and words) and material testing.

Key themes are: wet and dry ( life and death), estrogen, violence, consequences, other women’s voices, stillness and movement, how to speak and be heard – feminist theory

Research images (right)
beauty, rediscovered, reimagined, metamorphosis, skin, layered, contorted, distorted, disrupted, ravaged, dehydrated, nature……
Research images (left)
…..tears, sweat, wet, cold, textured, rippled, layered, discombobulated, violated, destroyed, absent…
Extracts from blogs where women have shared their experiences of menopause
This sketch piece ‘Stillness’, contains projection and sound and a short movie can be see on Vimeo

A 3D ‘sketch’ / visualisation of estrogen falling. The hypothalamus is responsible for telling the ovaries to release estrogen. In menopause, estrogen ceases to be produced and that is what causes the chaos.
A collection of materials and tests, information about estrogen and osteoporosis, FSH level kits, domestic visual references and my writings.
Jesmonite and resin head with plastic and sand sketch
Quotes from Why Feminism Matters, by Katherine and Sophie Woodward. 2009
final thoughts