British Museum Friday Late, Rodin: Modern Art, Ancient Inspiration

8th June 2018

My work was selected for this UAL Friday Late on the basis of its relationship to the Parthenon Marbles and the Rodin exhibition. I was thrilled to meet with the curators of the Rodin exhibition, Celeste Farge and Benedict Garnier from the Musee Rodin who were both interested and generous about my work.

Can you see me? is a collection of experimental work exploring the visibility of me, a peri-menopausal woman in my 50’s. Capturing moments of past and present as stillness, I am looking for translucence and a classic stone-like quality in the sculptural forms created. I aim to present the intangible: memory, physical and emotional experiences and to challenge ideals of beauty. The work relates to the Parthenon Marbles on several levels; the representation of the human (broken) body, the materials, the neutral tones, or lack of ‘original’ colour, the use of fabric and drapery and the emphasis on the female form in a non-idealized way. Soundscape created with music artist Latenites. 

Can you see me? # 2,3,4 & 5. (Plus soundscape by Latenites)
Photo: Greg Brightwell
Can you see me? #1 foot detail Photo: Trevor Abbott
Can you see me? #1 Photo: Greg Brightwell
Can you see me? #1 underside Photo: Trevor Abbott
Can you see me? #3,4 & 5 Photo: Greg Brightwell
Presenting Memory Vessels with Grayson Perry Photo: Greg Brightwell
Memory Vessels – Parian Clay on light box Photo: Greg Brightwell