Knowledge Exchange

Since a young age I have enjoyed sharing ideas and knowledge and above all, collaborating, which I believe is central to a learning experience.

Fortunate to be invited to be the Graduate Assistant to the Costume Department at The Laban Centre ( now Laban Trinity) after graduating from the BA Dance Theatre course in 1985, I began to teach formally. Throughout my 20 year freelance career I was a visiting lecturer at many colleges including Croydon College, Chichester Institute, Royal Academy of Dance, London College of Fashion, Lewisham College and Wimbledon School of Art. I went on to become a senior lecturer at Wimbledon and between 2010-2017 was the Course Leader of the BA Hons Theatre & Screen: Costume Design course.

My role as an ‘academic’ led to the development of my practice as research: the uniqueness of costume design for dance. I have contributed to various conferences and exhibitions, nationally and internationally and most recently been published in the Costume for Performance Journal